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"Jo has been cat-sitting my cat Jess for four years now and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Jess is extremely timid and unsociable with strangers, tending to bolt under the kitchen cupboards at the slightest of noises or sudden movements.  Jo has been so patient and gentle with her that Jess will now meet her at the door, meow to demand to be fussed over and brushed and, on her last visit, had even progressed to sitting on Jo's lap.  She will also take her medication from Jo without protest, something she refuses to do for me.  From a practical perspective, Jo is extremely professional and reliable, taking care to confirm she has up-to-date details each time.  She also provides me with regular photos and videos from her visits with Jess, reassuring me that she's being extremely well cared for (and is having a rather lovely time in my absence!)" -Stephanie & Jess


"Jo started walking our dog Henry in 2020, when she took him on mid-pandemic.  Jo is superb - always reliable and demonstrably caring towards all the animals she looks after.  Jo has also helped us out when we have unexpectedly needed extra help with Henry - this has meant a great deal to us and to Henry, who clearly adores Jo.  We'd recommend Jo to anyone looking for Dogwalking and pet sitting services in our local area" - Zoe & Henry

"I have known Jo for 12 years and she is like a trusted member of our family.  Jo has walked our dog Keats for 12 years and now our recent new addition Bob.  She is kind and has a natural intuition with them, she is super conscious of safety and well being and knows each of their individual needs.  Jo stays and looks after our house and dogs when we are away and in fact I will fit my holidays around when Jo can look after them!  When Keats had major surgery and needed daily visits to the vet for quite a few weeks Jo helped without hesitation, she was like a second mum to her.  Jo has been so important in our busy family life.  Keats and Bob love Jo and we all trust her implicitly." -Karen, Keats & Bob


Jo has looked after Millie, my cocker spaniel, since she was a small puppy of only 10 weeks old and she has looked after Millie for 12 years now.  There is no other person I trust more with Millie than Jo and I always feel confident that Millie is being looked after – and obviously having a great time playing with her friends on the Common! Jo’s number one priority is the dogs she walks and she always takes the time and care to know they will all get on well.  As well as confidence in Millie’s wellbeing, we get the odd photo or text update to let us know what they are up to and who Millie is playing with on her trips out – always a highlight of the working day.  In summary, I cannot recommend Jo highly enough! - Anish & Millie


"I am so pleased I have Jo walking Sputnik my little pug. - they absolutely adore each other!! When I was off work for several months I spent time meeting loads of dogs and their walkers when I took Sputnik out myself. Jo always seemed great with the dogs she was waking, completely attentive to them - I was so happy when she took Sputnik on. Jo has been completely reliable and incredibly helpful and flexible!  I have total trust in her with my baby and know her attention is always focussed on the dogs she walks.  I highly recommend her." - Ruth & Sputnik

"Jo is  great sitter, always reliable and takes very good care of my cat.  Jo is also communicative while on holiday keeping me up top date on my cat with photos etc. I have been using Pads, Paws and Claws every time I go on holiday and highly recommend Jo.." - Val & Chloe

"Our dog is very sensitive and a bit fussy but she loves seeing Jo and always seems happy after her walks." - Clare & Tilly

"Jo has walked our two dogs, Millie, a spaniel and Mylo, a miniature dachshund, for several years.  She is completely reliable but also flexible and has helped out in several crises, both dog-related and otherwise.  Jo has also house-sat for us on many occasions looking after both the dogs and our cat, which has meant that we have never had the problem of trying to find kennels or a cattery, and I have no hesitation in trusting her with our house and our animals.  In addition, she always gives notice of her holidays, and makes every effort to try to find cover for us - to date she has always been successful!  I would not hesitate to recommend Jo as a dog-walker/sitter." - Frances, Millie & Mylo

"Jo recently took care of our dog Rumple when we were on holiday in Scotland. I don't think Rumple wanted to come home! She and Jo's dog are now the best of friends. It's always hard to feel confident trusting the care of your dog to someone else but Jo put my mind at rest. I would be very happy to use Pads Paws and Claws in the future as. Highly recommended." - Layla & Rumple

"Jo has been walking my dogs for more than 10 years now. My dogs - I have 3 - all adore her and go mad with excitement when she appears. She is so lovely in the way she treats them and I  have always felt I could completely trust Jo to keep them safe.

As well as walking them Jo has come and looked after them in my home when I have had to be away; this worked out really well - it was great to know they were being well cared for in their own home and I didn't need to worry about them.

If anyone ever talks to me about needing someone to walk their dog I always suggest they contact Jo - she really is marvellous." - Hazel, Tugz, Jay & Casper


"Jo has been walking our Labrador, Ruby, to help us out with a very busy time in our lives having twins! She has been very reliable and has accommodated any changes that I have needed with Ruby’s walk times/days. I would happily recommend her to anyone needing a walker for their furry friend

" - Amy & Ruby

"Jo has walked our dog Winnie for almost a year and has always been extremely reliable as well flexible with any schedule changes on our end. Winnie can be a difficult dog and Jo handled her very well and communicated any issues to us, and we talked through some solutions together. Winnie loved her so much and we cannot recommend Jo highly enough. We tried out some other dog walkers but never found anyone as reliable and trustworthy as Jo has been! Sadly we moved out of the area and Jo will be extremely hard to replace!

." - Janna & Winnie


"Mitzy loves her walks with Jo and I always feel confident that she is well

looked after and safe. Jo has stepped up at short notice and allowed me to book weeks ahead so I always feel reassured that Mitzy's needs will be

catered for when my hours or days at work change. Mitzy suffers from

epilepsy and has a history of gastric problems which Jo is willing to adapt

to and take into consideration, this gives a peace of mind that she is in

reliable hands. Thank you Jo." - Clair & Mitzy

"Jo helped us out last minute. She made the process incredibly easy and took care to make sure we had ample photos of our furbag while we were away. I would definitely recommend her." - Natalia & Malbec

Malbec the model...jpg
Monty & Ninja

"Jo has looked after our two cats Monty and Ninja for a few years now. She always does a great job with them as we always return to two happy cats. Her communication is excellent and is always quick to respond as well as giving updates whilst we are away on how the little monsters are getting on. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her." - Matt, Monty & Ninja

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